The Herman and Frieda L. Miller Foundation supports civic engagement, advocacy, and community organizing in Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts.

The Miller Foundation is also dedicated to improving the infrastructure that supports vibrant urban community life.

Key elements toward achieving this goal include: strong civic culture and community empowerment, neighborhood and citywide; development and maintenance of healthy physical settings that facilitate vigorous communities; and access by individuals of all income-levels and backgrounds to employment, housing, education, health care, transportation, and cultural activities.

Please Note: The Foundation only accepts proposals that have been invited by the trustees. Phone inquiries to staff are welcomed.



The Miller Innovation Fund was founded in 2011 to complement the foundation’s ongoing grantmaking. The Fund seeks to support projects of up to three years’ duration that support innovations, tools, and practices leading to a healthy and empowered public. By their very nature, the projects chosen will be experimental in their outlook, seeking to learn from both their successes and mistakes. After five years of grants, the Miller Innovation Fund will continue to seek innovative grantees, but will modify its focus and grant profile starting in 2016. Please read the Fund’s guidelines carefully.