Miller Innovation Fund Past Grants

2016 Grants

Categorized by Area of Focus

Re-imagining Service Networks for the Most Vulnerable, such as those affected by homelessness, domestic violence, refugee status, addiction and mental illness, former incarceration or old age, and similar populations:

Boston Education, Skills & Training (BEST) Corp.
Boston, MA
$29,438 to develop a workforce recruitment, training, placement, and retention program for young African American adults underrepresented in the growing hospitality industry.

Compass Working Capital, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
$50,000 to test a major enrollment expansion method for a program working with public housing residents in Cambridge, MA to increase income and establish personal savings.

Courageous Parents Network
Newton, MA
$35,800 to reach large numbers of families with children who have life-limiting diseases with appropriate, online family-focused support for facing their situations and to educate providers nationwide about the perspective of such families and make early access to pediatric palliative care the norm.

National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts
Boston, MA
$50,000 to develop a Diversion Center to prevent people with behavioral health symptoms who encounter the police from going to one of two inappropriate settings: jail or emergency room.

TeensConnect, Inc.
Boston, MA
$50,000 to support the TeensConnect Site Coordination position and program to create a Jobs-to-Career-and-College pathway in Boston high schools for underperforming but high-potential students.

United Teen Equality Center
Lowell, MA
$50,000 to formalize the Regional Streetworker Learning Network  and create a professional development network of streetworkers and support street outreach organizations to develop a policy advocacy agenda.


Developing and Proving New Community-Based Economic Models:

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
Gloucester, MA
$50,000 to create a set of values-based standards and principles defining what sustainable fishing is to help producers and consumers of fish support fisheries that are better for people and the planet.


The Miller Innovation Fund shifted its grantmaking to these two focus areas beginning in 2016. To view grants made in the first five years of the Fund’s grantmaking, please see 2011-2015 Miller Innovation Fund Grants by Purpose of Innovation.